Kalypso Zebra Diamond Watch 12-03


Kalypso Zebra Diamond Watch 12-03

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Time is perhaps the most powerful natural force in the 

universe. How then to visualize the inexorable motion 

time inflicts on all things in the dial of a timekeeping 

device? The African savanna offered a demonstration of 

motion and fluidity while observing the thundering herd 

of stampeding Zebras. Using diamonds to portray the 

elegant moving bands of muscle was an obvious choice, 

then encasing a most beautiful dial in an elegant and bold 

housing completed a representation of time's power that 

you simply can't take your eyes off their beauty. Truly 

striking and even more so on the wrist, this collection will 

be as much at home on Fifth Avenue as it is in the 


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Case: Stainless Steel
Strap: Calfskin
Strap Size: 22 mm
Crystal Type: Sapphire, Scratch Resistant Coating