Hype 100-meter Water Resistant Watch 20-04


Hype 100-meter Water Resistant Watch 20-04

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There can be few sights as sensual as a woman immersed 

in water. Hollywood has used that vision for decades in 

crafting celluloid allure. It seemed criminal that in real 

life - women coifed in visually commanding bathing suits 

were relegated to wearing clunky dive watches or techno 

plastic Japanese digital ugliness if they wanted to wear a 

watch to the pool or the ocean. The contrast to the rest of 

the outfit is always jarring when you see it. It was simply 

wrong. Women needed an "ACCESSORY" for their 

swimwear - something that complimented their appeal. We 

created these watches for the woman who wants a  

"put together" look with all the right accents and nothing 

to distract from her. Here it is! A stylish timepiece sturdy 

enough to play in the ocean! - Have some fun with these 

- and be the complete woman!

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Case: Stainless Steel
Strap: Rubber