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About Our Timepieces

Brillier timepiece designs are bringing the quality of American craftsmanship back to the world. Homegrown and proud!

Built Better By Americans

The Brillier collections are proudly designed, assembled, and tested in the United States of America. We are bringing the full craftsmanship of American watchmaking back home.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy infuses new technology with classic American designs while staying committed to the highest quality standards for durability and dependability.

American Beauty

Brillier products proudly contain as much American content as we can source. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality American-built and American-sourced products and to continue to work with domestic partners as much as possible. We are on a constant journey to create fully Made in America watches and accessories.


There was a time when the label “Made in America” was synonymous with the world's highest-quality products. American watches were not only beautiful but they were some of the most durable and dependable on the planet. Our products are not only designed and built in America, they are also tested domestically to some of the highest standards in the world. We stand by our statements with superlative after-sales service. We are located right here in the United States and can be reached to answer all your questions.


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